Thank you for visiting my page! Welcome To My World of Photography!
I’m Geraldine, or Geegee! GirlBoss of Geraldine Alfaro Photography! About me…I love crafting, fitness, traveling and photography! I am extra loving, outgoing and passionate about life! I also am a FUTURE BRIDE TO BE! My Amazing Fiancé Javier is not only My Best Friend and Soon to be Husband, but ALSO is my biggest supporter/Amazing and Talented 2nd Shooter! We are a Dynamic Duo!Package deal!
I’m a big time softie and melt over puppies, romantic comedies and like many other crafters technically live at Michaels! FullTime Fur mommy (Love my Puggies!) Many know me as a family girl who can never finish a sentence without gushing about one of her siblings or amazing parents! I truly was blessed in life and family. I enjoy interior decor, coffee and long walks to the fridge. My life is consumed by Photography, Family and creating new memories with new people!
Me in one very short summary, thank you for reading! If you’re not intrigued.. you’re a tough one!
All the best to you,
Geegee XoXo